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Catalan sheepdog club for the UK

Catalan Sheepdog Club of Great Britain has just been given approval for their application for Registration of Title from 19th February, when the KC General Committee gave the club the thumbs up, writes Vince Hogan.

The club held its first AGM on Saturday February 23rd and the good news was given to the members by Secretary Jenny Wedge. The Clubs officers are Chairperson Janice Sheldon, and Doris McDad, Treasurer.

OUR DOGS spoke exclusively to Secretary Jenny Wedge who told us that, “the first litter born in the UK was August 2004 of which I have one of those dogs.

We have since gone on to breed a further five litters which can be anywhere from 6 to 10 puppies per litter.”

The Catalan is popular in the north of Spain especially the Catalonian region from where they originate and they are now becoming increasing popular in other European countries such Germany, Holland, Finland and now also the United States.

The breeder in Spain, Agusti Tonietti, was instrumental in bringing the breed back from extinction and has worked tirelessly to make sure that the breed stays true to its origins.

The same commitment is being planned for the UK.

Jenny went on to say “ We are on the Imported Breeds Register and the breed standard has also been submitted to the Kennel Club and hopefully sometime this year we will be able to show the breed in the UK.

I have been taking Buddy my dog to Open and Championship Shows 'not for competition' to get him use to the atmosphere and also to get the breed seen by a wider an audience as possible. The next show will be the National Working & Pastoral Breed of Wales and then WELKS.

They are a great breed to own but not for the faint hearted as they need to be stimulated as they are a working dog and as such still have very strong instincts for herding. Saying that they do adapt very easily into the home environment and are a truly loyal and faithful dog.

We have had several instances of the Catalan actually saving lives so it’s a great all round dog.

They are easy to groom, not nearly as bad as they look as there is no stripping or clipping of any sort. The Catalan are brilliant at Agility and also do Search and Rescue in Spain with great success.”

The breed will have a stand at Discover Dogs at Crufts and expects to have a lot of interest shown.

OUR DOGS will bring further news of this attractive breed in due course.