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South coast beach ban for dogs proposed

DOGS COULD be banned from beaches across Brighton and Hove during the summer months under council plans.

People are being asked for their views on a total ban in the Sussex resorts from May to September. Dogs are currently allowed on some beaches along the city's seafront.

Brighton council said proposals were put forward after initial consultation with 50 residents and local groups.

It said it wanted to make Brighton ‘pleasant and safe’ for people and dogs, but some owners have objected.

Dog owner Alan Towler said the animals were already banned during the summer from the city's ‘most popular and largest areas of beach’, and there was no need for a total ban.

He said: ‘It seems a pointless change to make decent dog owners into outcasts from the seafront. There is precious little space in the city for dogs to exercise off the lead and to make these changes seems wholly inappropriate’.

And Mr Towler said he considered the use of the beach and sea as ‘essential’ to his dog's ‘healthy outdoor life’.

The consultation runs until 28 March and documents can be viewed on the council website