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RED CAPE Launch New XStream Blaster from DOUBLEK

Launching a Crufts, the New Extreme Blaster from DoubleK, Features triple filtration, 2 for air intake and one for air output

Highly effective, with more air volume, more velocity, more versatility with less noise than ever before.

Dual 124 CFM twin turbine motors mounted in elastomeric enclosures that dampen noise and vibration.

New clamshell housing design for easy serviceability and is also impact resistant, rust proof and dent proof.

Dual wall construction

Hermetically sealed switches and dual inlet filtration to protect dryer components.
Discharge air filtration protects from carbon dust and other contaminants which elimintates possibility of potentially discolouring white/light coated breeds.

Crushproof hose locks to the dryer eliminating the risk of pop off. Twist on nozzles including "Air Sweep" nozzle that removes water from animals.

The Xstream will also shortly be available to convert to a stand dryer by mounting it on the optional heavy, adjustable tripod stand, making it even more versatile.
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