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The petplan charitable trust donates £7,500 to help in suffering

Responsible for approximately 20,000 human deaths per year, rabies is endemic in India with street dogs forming an ever-present part of towns, cities and villages.

In light of this, Help in Suffering (HIS) received an initial grant of £5,000 followed by and additional grant of £2,500 from The Petplan Charitable Trust to finance a programme where stray dogs can be vaccinated against rabies.

Rabies in humans is a disease of the poor and disadvantaged and affects mainly children and in particular boys.

Previously, control of street dogs has been by periodic, inefficient, mass-slaughter campaigns by municipalities using often barbaric methods such as strychnine poisoning or mass electrocution.

The Animal Birth Control (ABC) method of controlling the street dog population aims to address these problems in a more effective and humane way.

At Help in Suffering the ABC programme has always concentrated on females (because these produce puppies) but as a result would only ever be able to vaccinate half the population. In order to increase the coverage of the programme, the programme began vaccinating male animals.

The current costs of catching, anaesthetising, vaccinating, feeding and release of a dog stands at £1 and the money from the Petplan Charitable Trust means that over 4,707 male dogs have been vaccinated against rabies since the Charity received the grant.

Most of these animals would never have received a vaccination or any other veterinary care if this grant had not been given and subsequently nearly 54% of the male street dogs in Jaipur have bee vaccinated.

Says Jack Reece Veterinary Surgeon working with Help in Suffering, “We are very grateful to The Petplan Charitable Trust for the grant and for the additional work this has allowed us to complete. With the extra funds, it has allowed us to vaccinate a further 2,500 dogs – an absolute necessity in India”

David Simpson, Chair of Trustees says, “The Petplan Charitable Trust are delighted to be able to help the brilliant work that HIS UK are carrying out in Jaipur. It is hoped that through the successful vaccination of the stray dogs the rabies epidemic that kills many people can be controlled.”