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Pet product vending with a difference

A FLEDGLING American vending machine company has plans to grow its brand internationally over the next few years. The ‘Hey Buddy’ franchise installs on-street pet product vending machines - in parks, picnic areas and at veterinary clinics.

The machines sell a range of ‘last minute’ pet supplies including retrieving balls, dog treats and drinks. Businesswoman Carlotta Lennox installed her first vending machine at a dog park in Dallas, Texas, in 2005. The company now has agreements to place and operate its vending machines in a number of US city authority-run dog parks.

The machines sell dog leads, flea collars and even Frisbees. They are beginning to make an appearance at pet-friendly hotels and next to dog-wash facilities. One has even been installed on a US Army base. Hey Buddy has plans to install a thousand machines across the USA over the next 3-5 years.