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Puppy cam is worldwide hit

A WEBCAM charting the antics of five German Shepherd puppies undergoing police training has attracted more than 24,500 hits from around the world.

Durham Police set up the camera on its website eight weeks ago and it has attracted viewers from as far afield as Australia and the United States and swiftly proved to be the ultimate attraction in ‘reality TV’ online.

The cam has now been de-activated because the pups are too big and lively to be captured effectively. But the force is planning a web page showing all its dogs in action.

It will focus on more than 20 of its dogs sniffing out drugs and explosives in training and on the job. The puppy cam will also be activated again when another litter arrives for training through the force's dog-breeding programme.

A Durham Police spokesman said: ‘The latest litter of pups featured on the force's website are soon to meet their handlers.

‘At almost eight weeks old the five are now too lively for their antics to be captured effectively on the camera and, therefore, it is no longer in operation.

‘One of the quintet is destined for a life with Northumbria police with whom dad Jack is a serving police dog, while the others will remain with Durham.’