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NEW Scoopy-do at Special Crufts Price!

Launched at Crufts is the NEW Scoopy-do, a rich dense foam that physically hides faeces and stops them from being repulsive. To launch the product, which normally retails at £4.99, is a special Crufts promotion, two for just £7. When faeces are covered with the special Scoopy-do foam from an aerosol, they are no longer unpleasant to be close to or pick up.

Using the foam, squeamish owners can get their dog’s poop into a poop scoop bag without feeling sick!

Scoopy-do foam can be used indoors and out, it contains a fragrance to mask unpleasant odours and an antibacterial agent to protect against disease. So, probably the worst chore for dog owners has just become a million times more acceptable, thanks to Scoopy-do. In fact using Scoopy-do actually makes dog poo look and smell nice!

Aside from camouflaging faeces, Scoopy-do foam also doubles as a carpet spot cleaner. The product has been tested and approved by The Woolsafe Organsation.

With dog faeces being extremely unpleasant in public places and a possible health hazard, local authorities require dog owners to properly dispose of faecal deposits, favouring programs to encourage and make it easier for people to be more responsible. Scoopy-do is presented in a handy 150ml aerosol displaying the Woolsafe Approved logo.

Scoopy-do is economical to use, one aerosol contains approximately 50 applications. Very little of the product is used each time as once the foam is expelled from the aerosol it expands to cover the faeces. The product has a suggested retail price of £4.99.

Scoopy-do is marketed in the UK by The Animal Health Company, who are well known by professional dog owners for disease control, health supplements, herbals and grooming products. Odor-Kill and Parvovirucide are key lines for the company. Scoopy-do will be sold though a number of industry outlets, contact Jim Coates on 07850 4459323, email for trade prices, terms and conditions of trading.

For more information contact either:

Jim Coates, The Amimal Health Company Ltd, 38-40 Broton Drive, Halstead, ESSEX C09 1HB
Tel : 07850 4459323
E-mail :

Melanie Mines
Melanie Mines Public Relations
1 Southwark Walk, Aldwick, Bognor, West Sussex, PO21 3RR
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