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Stolen shih tzu dumped in bin bag

AN INVESTIGATION has been launched after a pedigree dog, which is believed to have been stolen, was found dumped in a bin bag in West Lothian, Scotland.

The female Shih Tzu had been thrown over an 8ft fence in Whitburn after being led to the scene with a choke chain.

The dog was discovered on Friday 8 February, near the Rom Ltd plant at Murraysgate Industrial Estate. Inspectors believe the people responsible would have known the area and may have dumped it at night.

Senior Scottish SPCA inspector Fiona Greig, who was called to the scene, said she was convinced the dog had been stolen.

She said:It's a very unusual case. Most of the times when we find dead animals that have been dumped, they are in a terrible state and it's clear that they have been very badly treated or neglected.

‘However, this little dog was in a really good condition, which suggests that it was stolen. ‘There's no doubt it's a pedigree Shih Tzu and it had been recently groomed and clipped.

‘The fact we found it with a choke chain around its neck when it already had a collar suggests it has been walked to that spot before being killed, put in the bag and thrown over the fence.’

Officials hope that someone will recognise the dog or the collar it was wearing.