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World Congress of Ridgebacks

The Organising committee of the Rhodesian Ridgeback World Congress is very pleased with the uptake of Registrations for the World Congress to date and urges intending delegates to book their hotel accommodation and register as soon as possible.

Topics and presentations include:

The Breed Standard: Ann Woodrow (Mirengo) U.K.

Dermoid Sinus Project: Nicollette Salmon-Hibertz (Sweden)

Restoration of the Functional Rhodesian Ridgeback: Matthew Valdivia (USA)

Reproduction & Growth Nutrition: Royal Canin (Nutritionist) (France)

Canine Hypothyroidism & Other Diseases: Dr. Carmel Mooney (UCD Veterinary College, Dublin)(Ireland)

In Vitro Fertilisation / Artificial Insemination: Dr. Shura Bugreeff (USA)

RRCUS Health & Genetics Survey: Denise Flaim & Theresa Lyons (USA)

Canine Homoeopathy: Tom Farrington MVB MRCVS VetMFHom (Ireland)

Deep Origins of the Rhodesian Ridgeback: Sian Hall (Rep. Sth. Africa)

Importance of Good Movement: Lindsey Barnes (Diamondridge / SRRA) (UK)

Registration Form available for download from the Congress Websitee:

Completed Registrations form should be forwarded to the Congress Secretary

Joan Boyd, Sikulubani, Derreens, Cloonacool, Co. Sligo, Ireland or e-mail: