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Funding bombshell for animal sanctuary

AN ANIMAL rescue centre in South Yorkshire is under threat after a funding crisis bombshell was landed on them just before Christmas.

Funding BombshellThe Mayflower Animal Sanctuary in Bawtry, near Doncaster could be in dire straits after it was revealed that The Dog Trust is to withdraw its subsidy.

The funding help for the sanctuary, where hundreds of previously abandoned, abused or unwanted dogs have been found new homes, stopped at the beginning of 2008 – just after the traditional rush of rejected Christmas pets.

For the past four years Mayflower has received vouchers worth £18,000 a year from The Dog Trust to pay for dogs to be neutered or spayed.

This has enabled unwanted dogs to be taken into care at Mayflower, treated and then found homes. Mayflower now has to find ways of raising thousands of pounds if it is to carry on its work.
Mayflower spokesperson Josie Moorhouse said: "For the past few years we have enjoyed the wonderful financial support of The Dog Trust for the neutering and spaying of all our dogs at the sanctuary but from January 1 2008 this support will cease."

Mayflower itself pays for the spaying and neutering of the cats in its care.

Josie said: "Even national charities have limited funds available to help small and needy charities such as ourselves who are trying to make a difference to the lives of those poor unfortunate animals.

"What this means to Mayflower Animal Sanctuary is that we now have the task of trying to find ways of making up the shortfall of £18,000 per year.

"If this cannot be achieved the future looks bleak for the animals that we had hoped to help. Mayflower as it is now will cease to exist. We need the help and support of animal lovers more than ever."

A statement from Dogs Trust said: "Dogs Trust has supplied neutering vouchers to hundreds of charities in recent years but, after much consideration, we have had to withdraw this support as of next year. We need to concentrate our resources on our own activities and safeguard the future of our work and the well-being of the dogs in our care."

Mayflower Animal Sanctuary is now appealing to members of the public to help overcome the crisis by donating whatever they can any amount will be gratefully accepted.

They suggest that those who are unable to provide financial help could organise fundraising events or volunteer at the sanctuary.

Meanwhile, professional people such as accountants or solicitors may be able to give some of their time to help with running costs.

Anyone who can help should call Mayflower Animal Sanctuary on 01302 711330.