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Boy's reunited with Border Terrier

A 12-year-old schoolboy was reunited with his stolen Border Terrier just in time for Christmas!
Karl Headey was devastated when thieves snatched 13-month-old Molly after she accidentally escaped from the family’s garden in Hailsham, Sussex in September of last year.

Reunited with Border TerrierKarl’s mum explained that in the first few days, the family thought Molly would be handed in but nothing happened. She said: 'It has been an awful year for Karl, his grandad died and he was beginning to lose faith in things. Six weeks later we had a phone call saying someone had handed in a dog up in Surrey. Karl was elated, he was crying and he could not believe it.'

Karl said: 'It was really great to see her again, I was really excited. She looked bigger and came up to me straightaway.'

A family of four, driving a dark green car, were seen snatching the 13-month-old pup from the road. The black-and-tan dog was given a mohican haircut by the dog thieves though did not seem to suffer from any other form of ill treatment.

Mrs Headey added: 'She was found by two sisters. One of them works for the RSPCA. One of the sisters was given the dog by someone from a farm. They both thought it strange. Molly is a pedigree and took her to a vet. He checked Molly out and found the microchip.'

The sisters kept Molly for one week and tidied the dog up before handing her back to Karl. The Headey family thanked everyone who helped look for Molly and supported them all when she went missing.