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Greyhound charity mascot dies

SOUTH DEVON Greyhound Action regrets to inform its supporters that the beautiful greyhound and SDGA mascot 'Bella' has sadly passed away. Bella was peacefully put to sleep on Thursday 6th December 2007 due to chronic kidney failure; she was ten years old.

Greyhound MascotThe vets did everything they could to try and save Bella, but it was to no avail, and the charity were told that her kidneys were functioning at less than 30% and there was no chance that Bella would make a recovery, instead she would rapidly deteriorate and end up suffering. They were advised for Bella's sake to have her peacefully put to sleep; this was the most painful decision they have ever had to make.

Born on 28th September 1997, the charity were blessed and honoured to have shared in the last four years of her precious life. Helen Stevens, SDGA told OUR DOGS: “When we first became aware of the terrible plight of racing greyhounds through the Greyhound Action leaflets, we were compelled to join the campaign to end greyhound racing due to the inherent cruelty involved and this also inspired us to want to give a loving home to a rescued retired greyhound. This is when our darling Bella came into our life.

“Bella was six years old when she became a part of our life and when we first met her she had recently had most of her teeth removed by the rescue's vet due to severe decay caused by the neglect of her previous owner. We were told by the rescue that Bella was very thin when she was first taken into care and they felt that this was due to the fact that her teeth were so rotten that she would have found it too painful to eat. Bella was never able to enjoy chewy treats and all her food had to be softened.

“When we first adopted Bella she was so fragile and incredibly nervous. Any sudden movements or loud noises would terrify her gentle soul and in the beginning we were unable to show her physical affection because she was so frightened. Bella needed to be treated like Dresden china. We feel that due to her fear and initial distrust of people, Bella had suffered previous abuse. With time and endless TLC, Bella was able to build up a trust with us. Bella was not only a beautiful companion, she was also the most wonderful member of the SDGA team and a true ambassador for her fellow greyhoundss.

“The original SDGA logo was designed around Bella's silhouette and more recently one of our dear supporters very kindly offered to enhance our logo to include a greyhound image. We sent our supporter a photo of Bella and he produced the wonderful logo that we now use. The photo of Bella used in the logo was taken only three weeks before she sadly passed away;
“We miss Bella so much, but her spirit will live on throughout our campaign as every email the SDGA team sends out will be highlighted by our special logo; Bella will forever be our true mascot.