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Emaciated Rottweiler rescued

A ROTTWILER described as ‘emaciated’ has become yet another victim of rescue after it was found wandering the streets in a small town in Lincolnshire.

The three-year-old bitch was found just after Christmas by a woman in Apley, near Wragby. It is now being cared for at the Lincolnshire Rescue Kennels in Ingham.

Kennel assistant Laura Green said: "She's so sweet and ever so friendly. We just don't understand how anybody could do it. She's got sores on her back end which she has to have cream on and her eyes are very weepy and sore. She just hasn't been looked after at all. You can tell she must have been suffering."

The dog is eating well and should make a full recovery.

Vets grade degrees of emaciation on a sliding scale of zero to nine, with zero being most severe. The dog was rated a two, weighing just 23kg. The RSPCA is appealing for people to help trace the person responsible - and animal cruelty charges could follow.