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Driver shamed over dog death

THE OWNERS of an Airedale Terrier last week vented their rage at a driver who knocked down and killed their pet.

The Bridgwood family have put up a sign outside their house sarcastically wishing the motorist a Merry Christmas. The family, from Wolverhampton, were devastated when Henry the Airedale terrier was left for dead by a 4x4 driver who failed to stop at the scene.

Henry, just over five months old, is believed to have run out on to the road when Malcolm Bridgwood went to take his son to the bus stop. When he returned to the family home on Radford Lane a few minutes later, a couple had pulled up saying that they had just seen somebody knock down the dog.

Malcolm’s wife Joanne Bridgwoodsaid: “I went running to the bottom of the drive and I saw my dog lying in the gutter. He looked dead but he wasn’t.” Henry was taken to St George’s vets in Wolverhampton centre, but staff were unable to save him.

Mrs Bridgwood wanted to put a sign on the gate at the bottom of the house, but Mr Bridgwood went one step further and erected a sandwich board outside the house. Mr Bridgwood said: “I was hoping that they were going to be offended, stop and come up.”

His wife added: “I wanted to tell them what they’ve done. Imagine how ashamed they will be when they pick the paper up. I was hysterical. It could have been a child or anything. I wouldn’t accept an apology because what they did was disgraceful. It’s made me ill.”
Anyone with information should contact the police.