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Another Staffie stabbed by burglars

A FAMILY dog was savagely stabbed to death defending its owners' home in the latest spate of burglaries.

The crimes have sparked an outcry by residents living nearby to have an alleyway used by burglars gated. Neighbours in Carr and Castle Roads, Northolt, Middlesex say they have put up with break-ins, flytipping and anti-social behaviour in the alleyway that links them for years.
Between the Friday night and Saturday morning before Christmas, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier was stabbed in the alleyway as it defended its family home.

Neighbours said they heard raised voices and a dog yelping at about 8am Friday morning. Diane Varney, of Castle Road, said: ‘I came out of my house about 9am and it was like a scene out of CSI. It was all taped off everywhere and there were forensics officers. You don't expect to come outside and see a dog killed in a pool of blood, it's barbaric.

‘And it's worrying that, not only are people going round breaking in to places, they're carrying knives.’

Police are keeping an open mind about the raider's intentions but the incident follows another two burglaries of garages leading off from the alley at the back of homes.

On November 1, Jean Maskell discovered her garage had been broken-into and had a tumble dryer stolen among other items. Her neighbour also had his garage raided and power tools taken.

Mrs Maskell said: ‘It's not nice. We are more vulnerable with the alleyway running along the back. This kind of thing has gone on for ages.’

Ms Varney added: ‘We're getting a petition together as the other end of the alley is gated so we should be able to do the same at our end. If they are able to steal a tumble dryer they must be able to drive their getaway vehicles right up to our homes.’

An Ealing Council spokesman made no reference to the dog’s death, but commented: ‘The council has a project to help residents to get alleys gated and at least one alley in the road has already been secured. Sometimes it is not possible to gate alleys if they're a right of way for other people.
‘If residents contact the council's alley gating officer she'll be happy to give advice.’

This is the second incident where a dog has been stabbed by burglars in the past month. Two weeks ago OUR DOGS reported how Margaret Hutchison from Glasgow found her two-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier Tanya in a pool of blood in her front room, after burglars had broken in and stolen her seven year-old son’s Christmas presents. * Anyone with information about the raids should call Ealing Police 020 8810 1212 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.