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Yorkshire Terrier swallows ‘star’

A YORKSHIRE Terrier puppy was saved by vets after eating a Christmas star which his owner had discarded in a rubbish bin.

Charlie’s owner Felicity Clifford heard him retching and gagging and at first suspected he had swallowed a chicken bone. But vets at the PDSA PetAid hospital in Stonehouse, Plymouth X-rayed him only to discover the star still lodged in his throat. He was placed under general anaesthetic while a senior veterinary surgeon extracted the star using forceps, saving the five-month-old the ordeal of surgery.

Robert said: "The last thing I expected to see on the x-ray was a star shining back at me. I've seen some odd things in my time as a vet but this is by far the strangest x-ray ever. He's a very lucky dog. The star could easily have caused him to choke."