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Vet serves up canine Christmas dinner

Vet serves up Christmas dinnerJUST CALL him Santa Paws (if you must) ‘TV’ vet Joe Inglis dropped in at Battersea Dogs’ and Cats’ Home on Xmas Eve to deliver a home-cooked Xmas doggy dinner to the canine residents.

The vet, who appeared in the now axed TV programme ‘Vets In Practice’ arrived in a hand-built sleigh dressed as Santa on a festive tour of five dog rescue homes across the UK.

Joe, who later founded natural dog snack company Pets' Kitchen, said: "It's so wonderful to be part of such a good cause, especially as I rescued my own dog, Jack, from my local shelter.It's an absolute pleasure to help out by cooking up a tasty treat for the homeless dogs across the country!

"Christmas is a special time of year and it is only fair that the dogs are treated to something special too."His sleigh went on to the major dogs' homes at Bristol, Edinburgh, Manchester and Birmingham.