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DNA tests prove pure- bred black and tan labradors

Black and tan LabradorMongrel or pure-bred? When I grow up will I be a dobermann, rottweiler or one of those lovely east European flock guarding breeds? No none of those because I am a pure-bred DNA tested, Kennel Club registered black and tan labrador!

When Bill Williamson of Staffordshire mated his black labrador bitch the last thing he expected to see in the resulting litter were two black and tan puppies. Thinking a stray dog, possibly a dobermann or rottweiller had managed to get to his bitch, he decided to see if all the puppies were by the same dog.

Using DNA testing at the suggestion of Dave Fields whose field trial winning yellow stud dog was the sire of the litter, and the Kennel Club, he gathered samples from the puppies, the bitch and the labrador stud dog. The results came as a bigger surprise when it was discovered that all the puppies were infact purebred labradors from the two carefully selected parents.

Black and tan LabradorDave Fields’ daughter a trained veterinary nurse, collected the DNA samples, in the presence of Laura Bacon, who is well known for organising country game fairs, Dave Fields, Bill and various members of Bill’s family.

As DNA proven labradors the Kennel Club has registered the litter including the black and tan pair. The Kennel Club told Our Dogs, "We find that black and tans do crop up every now and again though – it is rare but does happen, and is certainly not connected with any health issues. It is said that a Gordon Setter was introduced into the breed way back (possibly in the 50s) and this is the reason that they occur. Mary Roslin-Williams wrote a book called Advanced Labrador Breeding where this colour, and others, are mentioned and explained".

Bill a keen competitor in working gundog events, now carries a copy of the pups DNA results with him, when competing incase anyone might think that he is trying to enter with crossbred dogs. So far he is very pleased with the pups whose working ability is proving that despite their colour they have inherited the labrador’s keen working instincts.