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Newspaper ‘didn’t know pit bull ads were illegal’

Late last year, OUR DOGS Chief Reporter Nick Mays was sent copies of advertisements for Pit Bull Terriers and so-called ‘Irish Staffords’ (a dog fighting codeword for Pit Bulls) which had appeared in the Sun Newspaper’s online classified advertisements pages. Mays referred the matter to a member of staff in the advertisement department, who said that he was unaware that it was illegal to breed, sell and advertise Pit Bulls. Despite telling Mays that someone in authority would call him back about the matter, no one from the newspaper made contact.

OUR DOGS then drew the matter to the attention of Chief Superintendent Simon Ovens, who heads up the Metropolitan Police’s Dogs Unit, which is responsible for enforcing the DDA. Chief Supt Ovens thanked OUR DOGS for pointing this out and said that contact would be made with the newspaper.

The advertisements have since been removed from it’s classified ads website.