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Pets As Therapy Stakes’ classes planned for ‘08

Pets As TherapyPets As Therapy Stakes’ classes will be held at the following shows throughout 2008. The winner of each heat will go through to the final of the Pets As Therapy Showdog of the Year competition which will take place as part of the glittering Celebration of Top Dogs Event on Saturday 8th November at the Palace Hotel, Buxton.

This year’s event will be extra special as Pets As Therapy will be celebrating their 25th Anniversary and the event will be combined with a celebration Ball. The winner of the final will receive £200, a trophy and rosette.

The runner up receives £100 a trophy and rosette. Prizes in qualifying rounds are 1st - £25 and entry into the final 2nd – 5th special rosettes. Prize money for both the final and the qualifying rounds is provided by the sponsors HiLife and does not come out of Pets As Therapy Charitable funds.

Poole Canine Club - contact Mrs. Manley 01202 258498

The Kennel Club of Jersey - contact Mrs. Mottershaw 01534 862187

Bath Canine Society (class each day) - contact Mr. K. Nathan 01623 754450

South Wales K A (class each day) - contact Mrs. I. Dyke 0870-062 4432

East of England A S (class each day) - contact Mr Mercer 01733 234451

Leeds City CA (class each day) contact Mrs E Stannard 01260-252834

All dogs competing must be owned by members of Pets As Therapy (either visiting or non-visiting). This is a wonderful way of supporting Pets As Therapy and PAT dogs who are wonderful ambassadors for dogs of all breeds.

To apply for Pets As Therapy membership, either visiting or non-visiting contact – Pets As Therapy on 01844-345445 or visit the website