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Teen held at gunpoint for Stafford

A teenage boy has had two guns held to his head by a gang of teenage robbers who burst into his home in order to steal his puppy.

Seventeen-year-old Michael was in his South London home on December 18 when the terrifying robbery happened. Prada, the family's distinctive 20-week black and white Staffordshire Bull Terrier, had run out of the front door but Michael had managed to catch him.

It was when this happened that he noticed a gang of five teens, aged between 16 and 18, hanging around on the driveway. The three males and two females were looking into the house.
Just minutes later, Michael was in the front room when the three men burst in. Two of them held guns to his head and, with their fingers on the trigger told him: "Let's not make this messy". They had entered through the front door of the house, in Strathyre Avenue, which had been left open by plumbers who were installing a a central heating system to the home.

As they held the terrified teen hostage in the front room, the two females charged past the plumber working upstairs and snatched Prada.

Police are now investigating but Michael and his mother, Maria Auguste, just want to see the safe return of their puppy.