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Welsh assembly shock collar consultation nears end

The consultation for a proposed ban on electric shock collars in Wales is nearing its end. Elin Jones, the Rural Affairs Minister, opened the consultation on 15 November inviting opinions for and against a ban. So far the Kennel Club has met with, and had an excellent response from, AMs across the political spectrum. However, in order to maintain momentum the Assembly needs to have the demonstrable support of the people in Wales to bring about a ban.

The Kennel Club therefore urges all Welsh residents to fill in the consultation form which can be found at and to write to their Assembly Member to encourage active support of the ban.

Anyone in the rest of the UK who wants to support the Kennel Club’s call for a ban is encouraged to write to their local MP/MSP. The Kennel Club has produced a template letter, available by request, and on its website under the press office/campaigns section.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary said: “As the Welsh consultation approaches completion, it is imperative for people living in Wales to make their voices heard. To do so after the consultation closes will be too late, as ministers are not obliged to consider opinions given after 8 February. In Wales we have an opportunity to give a lead to the rest of the UK on the ban, and it is therefore crucial to get as many responses in as possible.”

Pain and fear are not humane methods by which to train a dog. There are many effective positive training methods which are reward based, such as recall training, clicker training and retractable leads. These methods train dogs quickly, easily and reliably, with absolutely no fear, pain, or damage to the relationship between the owner and the dog. There is no justification for electric shock training devices.

First hand accounts prove the psychological and physical damage they cause, dog behaviourists and trainers denounce them, and scientific research proves that electric shock collars can provide intolerable pain when used.

For further information, including the template letter, and advice on the Kennel Club campaign to ban electric shock collars, contact the External Affairs department on 0870 606 6750 ext 301 / or visit and click on press office / campaigns and schemes.