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Irish Kennel Club elections
Sean Delmar returned as President

Paul Scanlon reports:

The annual Irish Kennel Club elections took place last Friday evening at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Santry on Dublin’s northside where the incoming club and society representatives met for the first of the almost monthly meetings which take place in the calendar year.

Sean Delmar The first meeting of An Ard Comhairle in each year is the Annual General Meeting where the officers and committees are elected for the year and this year’s elections were the most eagerly awaited for many years with many issues being major talking points on the run up to this years vote count. 97 delegates filled the room and after the various officers had addressed the meeting with their reports the elections got under way.

For the first time in a number of years there was a contest for the position of President of the Irish Kennel Club. The outgoing President Mr Sean Delmar and the Chairman of the Hound Association of Ireland Mr Rodney McDowell being the two contenders. The vote resulted in a poll of 69 in support of Mr Delmar with 28 representatives supporting Mr McDowell’s candidacy.

Miss Mary Crowley the well known Show Secretary of the Dun Laoghaire Canine Society and the Cloghran Championship Show was returned to the office of Vice President unopposed as was the outgoing Treasurer Mrs Rita McCarry Beattie who many will also know as the secretary of the Dublin Dog Show Society.

The election for the seven positions on the General Purposes Committee proved an interesting contest with ten nominees seeking the seven places. Filling the first six positions on the committee were Mr Brian O’Hara, long time Chairman of the IKC Field Trials committee and outgoing Vice Chairman of the committee. Mrs Evelyn Hurley, the secretary of the Irish Toy Dog Society. Mrs Susan Kealy, PRO of the IKC. Long time General Purposes Committee member and Chairman of the Dobermann Pinscher Club of Ireland Mr Mike Drennan. Outgoing GPC Chairman and Chairman of the Dun Laoghaire Canine Society Mr Nick Hammond and Mr Fred Cuthbert, long time GPC member and Chairman of the Hibernian All Breed Dog Club.

Nick HammondThe voting resulted in a tie on 49 votes for the seventh and final position available on the incoming General Purposes Committee and the meeting was requested to select between Mr Philip Behan and Mr John J Walsh. After a re vote between the two candidates the representatives selected Mr Behan to serve on the committee for 2008 with a vote of 50 to Mr Walsh’s 47. Mr Behan is the current Show Secretary of the Swords and District Canine Society and is the outgoing Vice Chairman of the Green Star and Judges Committee. Mr Walsh, the President of the Combined Canine Club had been elected to the GPC last year for the first time.

Also unsuccessful on this occasion in the election for the committee were Mr Rodney McDowell who had earlier been nominated in the vote for President and Mrs Mary O’Donoghue, representative of the Labrador Retriever Club of Ireland and co owner of the well known Philipstown Labradors.

The election for the Green Star and Judges committee resulted in a number of changes with the following being elected to serve for 2008. Mrs Cathy Delmar, the Secretary of the Irish Breeds Society, Mrs Josie Foley the well known Show Secretary of the Kilkenny and District Canine Club, Mr Colm Beattie, the outgoing Chairman of the committee and Mrs Colette Muldoon , the secretary of the All Ireland Bull Breeds Association. Also elected was Mr Nick White, secretary of the Bray and District Canine Society who was returning to serve after a year away and the final position on the incoming committee went to Miss Sinead Taggart who will be serving on it for the first time.

John WalshThe following candidates were successful in seeking election to the positions available on the Field Trials Committee of the Irish Kennel Club. Topping the poll with the two highest totals from the evening’s elections was Mr Brian O’Hara who hit the 85 mark from an attendance of 97 and who had earlier topped the poll in the GPC vote with 71 votes. A fine return for the outgoing Field Trial Committee Chairman and GPC Vice Chairman. Also polling well was Mr Chris Hancock well known for the Hancourt Labrador Retrievers who has served the committee for a number of years and on this vote he amassed a total of 70. Filling the remainder of the positions were Mr Charlie Neilson, the outgoing Vice Chairman, Mr Jim Dalton, Mr Bill Joyce, Mr Chris Davitt and Mr Larry Taffe. The committee have the option of co-opting a further three members to serve.

The Agility, Obedience and Working Trials Committee vote resulted in the following nominees being elected. Mr Ray Darcy, Mrs Pat O’Boyle, the outgoing Chairman Mrs Judith Owens Poole, Mrs Marie Bailey, Mr Jim Stephens and Mrs Jessica Caneen.

The main committees met last Wednesday (January 16th) as OUR DOGS went to press, when the various Chairman and Vice Chairman positions were voted on.