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Paignton given the go ahead

PAIGNTON’S APPLICATION to change the dates and venue of its Championship show has officially been given the go ahead by the KC’s General Committee.

Pignton showgroundFollowing consideration of a ‘comprehensive application and also a site visit conducted by Keith Young, Chairman of the Show Executive Sub-Committee and Glyn Griffith, also a member of this Sub-Committee, together with the fact that this was the only suitable date available, the application was approved. The new venue is to be the Westpoint Arena, Exeter, Devon and revised dates are as follows: 4th-6th August 2008, 3rd-5th August 2009 and 2nd-4th August 2010

We understand that the previously published group days will remain the same.

In making its decision, the General Committee took into consideration an objection from the North Devon Agricultural Society which has held an Open Show on the first Wednesday of August for sometime. The Committee was mindful of the fact that this Open Show’s arrangements and entries could be affected by Paignton’s change of date. However, it was of the view that in fact with the two societies working together there could benefits for the Open Show being held in close proximity to the Championship Show. Therefore Paignton Association has been requested to work with the North Devon Agricultural Society to put in place arrangements to offer exhibitors an opportunity to enter both shows.

The Kennel Club has suggested a number of possible scenarios for consideration and will be working with both societies to enable the Open Show to benefit from the change.
Paignton Secretary, Aileen Hodgson told Our Dogs that she felt that exhibitors would greatly appreciate the new venue. It is only a mile from the M5 motorway, is very spacious and not only has plenty of tarmac roadways but many trade stands and caravans will be able to hook up directly to an electricity supply. She is currently contacting all judges to ensure that they can be available on the alternative dates.

One problem was the fact the North Devon Agricultural Society (NDAS) has held its show on the first Wednesday in August for many years but have suggested that arrangements be put in place which the KC feel could actually benefit the Open show and has suggested a number of possible scenarios for consideration. Yvonne Byrne, Secretary of the NDAS show is not so sure and told Our Dogs that her committee was ‘devastated’. As things stand, Gundogs are scheduled at Paignton on the same day as their show and Gundogs comprise the Agricultural show’s biggest entry. Also, she told us, orders for tents, printing and other essential have already been made.
Alterations at this stage might be costly for the Society. However, she is prepared to wait and see how things turn out but suspects that this will be a difficult year for both societies.