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Control orders considered in Lincolnshire

Dog Control orders are being considered by a number of other local authorities. The most recent to plan such control orders is North Lincolnshire District Council.

KC Dog is alerting all local dog-owning residents in North Lincolnshire to the consultation period currently being run by the council regarding proposed dog control orders. They are consulting on the following: 1. Making it an offence for a dog owner to fail to clean up dog mess. 2 Excluding dogs from fenced off play areas and some school fields and 3, Stopping people taking more than four dogs on to land, including all roads, verges, public open space, footpaths and rights of way and other areas indicated on the plans.

This is the formal consultation period, ending 8th February, and KC Dog recommends all dog owners visit the council’s website at to see how the proposed orders will affect them. The website thoroughly details where the dog control orders will be in force. For residents without access to the Internet, hard copies are available at any of eight local council offices in the district.

These offices are: Ashby and District, 01724 296832; Barton and District, 01724 296840; Brigg and District, 01724 296840; Crosby 01724 296876; Crowle and District, 01724 296850; Epworth and District, 01724 296870; Scunthorpe and District, 01724 296820; Winterton and District, 01724 296873.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: ‘KC Dog is an information network, free to join, whose members benefit from up-to-date news on dog control orders, and receive guidance from the Kennel Club. All dog owners are urged to join KC Dog, and be a part of this reciprocal network by acting as our eyes and ears.’

* To join KC Dog, or for further information please contact: / 020 7518 1020.