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Getting ready for Crufts? It’s what’s on the inside that counts!

Winter is a tough time to maintain the perfect coat, especially in the run up to Crufts. Cold weather and central heating can all play their part, or maybe your dog just decides this is the time to throw their coat!

Plush PuppyWhen it comes to preparing show dogs, owners know that the right nutrition can be every bit as important as shampoos and conditioners. Ensuring the right nutrition reaches the hair follicles can make a real difference to coat condition and coat recovery.

Omega oils play a key role in this, but the fish oils traditionally used to do this face a real challenge – they are used by the brain, eyes and joints first, so rarely make it to the coat, and can promote softer coats which may not be appropriate. That’s why owners are increasingly turning to omega supplements based on seed oils which are better for improving skin and coat condition.

"It can prove tricky to maintain coat condition all year round, particularly when showing breeds such as Flat Coated Retrievers where moulting can cause real headaches," comments Ann Youens of groomers Canine Cutz, Downley. "I’ve now started using Yumega and I’m really impressed with the results. My show dog, Storm, lost his coat earlier in the year but since I’ve been adding Yumega to his food, his coat has come back very quickly with amazing quality . So much so that I’m now recommending it to many of my clients with great success."

Yumega is naturally produced from cold pressed golden flax and starflower seed, providing a unique blend of specially selected Omega 3 and 6 oils specifically to improve the dog’s coat and skin. Its simply added to your dog’s food and provides the nutrition they need to improve and maintain the perfect coat.

John Howie from Lintbells, the company that makes Yumega, comments "It took us 18 months to develop Yumega, but we’re really pleased with the results. Our customers keep calling us up and telling us how happy they are with the product, and are getting great results in the shows. And with benefits showing in as little as 3 weeks, it’s helping a lot of owners make sure their dogs are ready for Crufts."

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