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Ladies who lunch!

Ten years ago at a KC gathering, Mrs Anne Walton sat down next to the late Mrs Warwick Winston and, making polite conversation, remarked that it was a pity that the ladies did not have a Lunch Club similar to that of the men where those from different groups and areas of the world of dogs could meet. Mrs Winston intimated that she thought this an excellent idea and suggested that Anne talk to Warwick about it. This she did and Ladies Who Lunch was born.

The initial lunch party consisted of a gathering of twenty eight, twenty one of whom are still members. It was such a success that there is always a full compliment of sixty members, with a waiting list of those wanting to join. The lunches take place once a month, with the exception of August, and expanded to take in an afternoon "outing".

These are organised by Mary Towers, and have included visits to theatres, art galleries, historic houses, river trips and a visit to the KC Registration Department at Amersham. There is only one firm rule of the club and that is "No Dog Talk Allowed"!

The tenth anniversary of Ladies Who Lunch is being marked with a special lunch on 5th February at which the menu will be an up-dated version of the same menu as on 5th February 1998.

Guests include Richard Briers and his wife Anne, Ronnie Irving, Caroline Kisko, Warwick Winston, Anne Bliss and photographer Marc Henri, who will be making a record of the event.