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Police called to SWKA after exhibitor bust-up

A minor disagreement between a group of exhibitors erupted into violence leaving one man needing treatment from paramedics after he was violently headbutted.

Reports have emerged of an incident that allegedly took place at the SWKA Championship show last Sunday, resulting in the police being called to the scene.

The altercation started when a Siberian Husky cocked its leg on the cage of an Old English Sheepdog, wetting the bobtail which was inside. Upset by this, the Old English Sheepdog’s owner confronted the Husky’s owner and words were exchanged between the two women.

In an attempt to diffuse the situation, another husky exhibitor - who had previously been having a conversation with the owner of the guilty dog - intervened. ‘We’re at a dog show, these things happen,’ the 32-year-old tried to reason.

Following this, the Old English sheepdog’s owner’s husband then appeared on the scene and heated words were exchanged between the two men, resulting in the Husky owner being headbutted by the other man.


Prior to the dispute, tensions were already running high at the show at Usk when the OES entry had to be moved into the Husky ring, due to heavy overnight rain which had swamped the showground.

Paramedics were immediately called to the scene, where they treated the victim’s injuries. He and his wife then made their way to the Secretary and lodged an official complaint before reporting the incident to the local police.The ambulance then became trapped in the saturated showground and had to be towed out by a tractor.

Debbie Fleming, who was judging in the Siberian Husky ring at the time of the incident, told OUR DOGS: ‘Believe it or not I was not aware of the incident until two police officers ran through my ring! I had heard someone calling for first aiders to the adjacent ring and then an ambulance got bogged down in front of the ring and a tractor had to pull it out but I was so intent on the dogs that I did not know that the assault had taken place! It was certainly a memorable judging experience.’

Eventually, the police caught up with the attacker who had tried to flee the scene; he admitted to the assault, resulting in an official caution from the police. A report of the incident will be placed with the Kennel Club in due course.

The victim of the attack is still in shock over the whole episode and has told OUR DOGS: ‘In my 24 years of exhibiting, I have never encountered such appalling behaviour ... I was actually scared at one point.’

The first two days of the show had run smoothly with exhibitors enjoying good conditions with just a few squally showers on the Saturday.