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MPs support dog access to coast

A GROUP of MPs have signed up to support the Kennel Club's campaign to open up Britain's coastline for dog walkers.

Ian Cawsey MP tabled a motion proposing that the Marine Bill should increase access to the English and Welsh coasts for dogs and responsible dog owners along with other land users.
Mr Cawsey, a former Chairman of the All Party Group for Animal Welfare echoed the Kennel Club's arguments that there are considerable health benefits that regularly walking a dog can bring as well as pointing out that dog owners have a legal responsibility to provide their dogs with adequate exercise. He also highlighted the environmental benefits of dog owners being able to access land within their local areas without having to drive elsewhere.

Andrew Miller MP (Lab, Ellesmere Port Neston) - who has also signed the motion - commented: ‘Responsible dog walkers deserve access to the coast as much as other groups being considered in the draft Marine Bill.’

Caroline Kisko told OUR DOGS: ‘Unlike other groups, dog walkers are required by law to exercise their dogs properly. Walking a dog has proven health benefits not just for the dog but also for the owner, and walking locally reduces the need for owners to drive elsewhere, therefore reducing their carbon footprint. To open up land to others, while restricting it to those locals who have the most to gain would be unfair, and we urge more MPs to sign up to this motion to demonstrate their support. We also recommend responsible dog owners write to their MPs asking them to sign the motion.’

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