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Family of dog fighters sentenced

A FAMILY of three from Birmingham have been sentenced for keeping dangerous dogs.
Anthony Mullenwas jailed for six months after RSPCA officers seized dangerous dogs from his property. Mullen's partner Susan Hancock, was given a four-month suspended jail term and their son Patrick Mullena three-month suspended jail sentence. All three of Northfield, Birmingham, were also convicted of breaking an earlier court ban on keeping dogs.

The three were found guilty at Birmingham Magistrates Court.

Ian Briggs, chief inspector for the RSPCA, said they were ‘extremely pleased’ with the result. He added: ‘But it is a sad fact that we are at court again with yet another case relating to the breeding and possession of Pit Bull Terriers. This case, as well as the recent raids we carried out, provides a clear indication of the increased activity nationally of individuals involved in the dog-fighting scene.’