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Brave gemma survives on fells for fortnight

A DOG missing in the Lake District fells for two weeks was found purely by chance by a mountain rescue team answering a routine call out.

GemmaRottweiler Gemma was discovered when the Wasdale team were called out to assist three people lost on the sheer Scafell Pike.

The Rottweiler had attached herself to their two dogs, and the group initially thought she belonged to the rescuers. However, on arrival the team realised she belonged to a couple from Leicester who had reported her missing two weeks earlier.

Once informed her delighted owners immediately began the long drive from their home to be reunited with Gemma.

When Gemma disappeared while accompanying them on a walking trip in the area, they had sent out emails to local rescue teams asking them to look out for her.

Iestyn Friend, leader of the Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team, said: ‘I don't know what she had been doing but she was fit and healthy, so she must have found something to eat and drink. She had a mark around her leg as if she'd been trapped in some wire, or a snare, but was in a very good way otherwise.’