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Dog owner banned for starving pets

A KENT dog owner has been banned from keeping animals for five years following an RSPCA investigation which revealed that she had starved her two pet dogs.

Alison Mutton, of Querns Road, Canterbury, pleaded guilty to causing suffering to the German Shepherd, and crossbreed, named Sadie and Benji, when she appeared before Canterbury magistrates last week.

Mutton admitted failing to provide them with enough food and was banned from keeping animals for five years. The magistrates also conditionally discharged her for a year and ordered her to pay £250 in costs.

She also admitted failing to seek vet advice about Benji's bad teeth, and had allowed his coat to become matted. The court heard that when RSPCA Inspector Charlotte Eyden arrived at the property following a call from a concerned member of the public, she found that both dogs were severely underweight.

Inspector Eyden said: ‘These poor dogs were simply starving hungry, as they were not being fed properly. It is extremely cruel to allow animals to suffer in this way.’

The dogs were taken to a vet who said that they were suffering due to inadequate nutrition. Both are recovered from their ordeal and will now be rehomed.