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Canine choir to celebrate life of heroic dog

Swansea JackWALES IS famed for its choirs, so it should come as no surprise that a new choir is on the scene in Swansea. But this time it’s a canine choir that is being formed for a musical tribute to a 1930s hero dog.

Swansea Jack was a black Retriever who became renowned for rescuing drowning swimmers in the city's docks and river. Cardiff-based artist Richard Higlett has been commissioned to create a piece of music to be performed by dogs to celebrate Jack's life.

With the working title of A song for Jack he intends auditioning dogs for the public performance at the National Waterfront Museum in October.

The project has been commissioned by Locws International; an arts charity based in Swansea, as part of the 60th Swansea Festival of Music and Arts. The performance will tie in with a special exhibition at the museum.

Mr Higlett intends running an Internet blog about the project on his website.