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So long, Wellard!

THE CANINE actor who plays Wellard in the BBC One's top soap opera EastEnders is to retire from the show, it has been announced.

Viewers will see Wellard killed off later this year. The Belgian Shepherd Tervuren bitch called Kyte, has featured in the soap for 14 years. Wellard has, in fact, been played by three different dogs from the same family - Kyte, her mother and grandmother.

The exact manner of Wellard’s eventual departure is not yet known, although soap insiders say he is likely to be meet his end in accident. Whichever way the noble Wellard bows (or bow-wows) out, he will have far surpassed his canine predecessors Pug Willie and Standard Poodle Roly for longevity… and in a soap opera where animals tend to swiftly come and go, that’s pretty good going!