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The wait is over, EJ is here!

After nearly two years of intensive searching all around the world for the very special little Dog that is eventually going to take on the role now filled by Canine Partner Endal.... it has been announced that the hunt is now finally over! A new arrival entered the Parton Household in the form of a little eight week old Yellow Labrador puppy called Endal Junior "EJ" and already he has started his assistance dog training in earnest to become Endal's most worthy successor.

Ej and EndalFor the last 11 years Endal has been at the side of his disabled partner Gulf war veteran Allen Parton enabling him to have a real quality of life and independence through his unconditional love and devotion.

At 12 years old the veteran yellow Labrador Endal is now becoming a pensioner and very soon preparing for a well earned retirement but not before taking on the most important role of mentor and training a junior to take over his job. "After every meal Endal will pass me up his food bowl" said Allen "and very soon EJ will twig that is what dogs do and he will follow Endal's lead and it is this learning by example which I dearly hope will enable EJ to achieve without any pressure."

"It is also so ironic that little "EJ" should have been found in Liphook a mere 15 miles from where we currently live said Allen. The breeder Joy Venturi Rose, of Leospring Labradors, actually grew up in the house on the opposite side of the road from my childhood home, in Haslemere, and she even went to school with my older sister, Sadly though because of my head injury i have lost all memories of her and our past but I guess some things are meant to be and we have met up again through our love of a very special breed. She has bred some absolutely stunning dogs and many are prize winners, being from part show and part working stock ...EJ's pedigree is just so ideal for the intended role we have in mind.

From pulling Allen into the recovery position to putting his bank card in to the cashpoint and chip and pin machines Endal has amazed everyone with his self taught abilities. Endal was socialized at canine partners by a puppy parent but never had any formal advanced training which makes his story even more amazing. Endal was partnered with Allen when he was just one year old and has gone on to achieve so much which Allen attribute to Endal's unquestionable ability to learn and problem solve. It has been already been agreed by canine partners that Endal will retire to me when the time comes said Allen "and it will by my absolute pleasure to care for him in his old age and hour of need..permitting me in some small way to repay him back what is an unrepayable debt!