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Obituary - Miss Sybil Lennox

Monday 14th July saw the passing of Miss Sybil Lennox who had held the office of President of The Setter and Pointer Club since 1982. Miss Lennox was a long standing exhibitor and judge of Irish Setters having founded her famous Brackenfield kennel in 1946. She was undoubtedly a lady of her class and generation and all of us who knew and worked with her could not fail to be impressed by her courteous behaviour and impeccable manners. She was both kind and generous and the hospitality extended to those who visited the family home she shared with her brother Steve was legendary.

Sybil was a highly respected and competent judge not only of her chosen breed but also of English and Irish Red and White Setters and was also approved to judge the Setter and Pointer sub-group. She took her role as President of the club very seriously and was always very much in evidence at the annual championship show and rarely missed either a committee or annual general meeting until her health started to deteriorate.

She will be greatly missed and condolences are extended on behalf of the club members to her brother Steve who survives her.

Dr. Ronald W James
Chairman, The Setter and Pointer Club