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Petplan have found their lucky breeder!

We announced in our May 30th issue that Petplan were looking to find their 1000 breeder to register their litter on Petplan’s free “Find a Pet” web service.

The lucky winner to register their litter with “Find a Pet” was Mrs Healy, who registered her three pug puppies and won 2,500 Breeder Bonus credits worth £100.

Mrs Healy said “I'm so delighted to have won this prize. I have always used Petplan, so when my pug had three puppies I thought I should give their new website a go. It only took a couple of minutes to register, it was easy to use and I managed to upload photographs no problem. I would definitely recommend others to use Find A Pet to upload litters – especially if there is the chance to win 2,500 Breeder Bonus credits!”

Petplan allows breeders to register their litters online in order for thousands of people to browse if they are thinking of buying a puppy.

Becasue of this they have already reached their 1,000 breeder target well before expected! “We are delighted that Petplan breeders have embraced the service so enthusiastically – we had not expected to reach 1,000 litters until July. By using the service, breeders are able to reach potential customers through Petplan, a credible organisation. In addition, they can help to reinforce the importance of taking out pet insurance to new owners with the provision of our six weeks free cover with each puppy sold.” Simon Wheeler, Head of Marketing for Petplan.

Later this year an exciting new promotion is available to breeders which will further enhance the ability to promote their breeding bitch. “We have made significant investment in the site, and the next stage of our marketing activity will see a significant consumer focussed campaign to drive customers to the Find a Pet site. We are hoping that with our commitment to deliver the best possible service to clients and breeders, Find a Pet will become the site for prospective puppy purchasers.”