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Three-quarters of rented homes say no to dogs

A SURVEY has revealed the startling statistic that seventy-five percent of dogs are banned from private rental properties.

As previously reported, leading canine charity Dogs Trust had launched a survey into the problems of renting with pets, (Renting With Pets Survey). Now the charity has reported on the results of that nationwide survey.

‘Seventy-five percent is an alarming statistic.’ says Dogs Trust. ‘It could not come at a worse time as the country faces the threat of recession. With increasing numbers forced to downsize or rent property there is a real risk that thousands of pets may be abandoned or handed over to rehoming organisations.’

Several Dogs Trust rehoming centres have reported an increase in calls from owners requesting help with vets bills or rehoming their pet due to financial difficulties.

The June survey contacted 1,400 pet owners nationwide:

• 78% of pet owners experienced difficulties finding privately rented accommodation that allowed pets

• 54% did not find anywhere that allowed pets so.

• 14% kept their pet without landlord's knowledge or consent

• 11.4% rented an unsuitable property in order to keep their pet

• 8.5% rehomed their pet to friends, family or a rescue centre

• 8.2% bought property, did not move or are still looking.

• 0.4% had their pet euthanised

• 47% of landlords gave tenants no reason why pets were banned

•The UK's least pet-friendly landlords live in the West Midlands – 83% of pet owners had difficulty finding accommodation

• Northern Ireland has the most pet-friendly landlords – but 66% of owners still have problems finding rented accommodation

• 65% of cats are banned and 10% of private landlords even ban fish

Dogs Trust Chief Executive Clarissa Baldwin explained: ‘Pet owners who need to rent privately are being forced to live in unsuitable properties, or rent with their pets without consent from their landlord.

‘We are consulting with the Association of Residential Lettings Agencies (ARLA), other professional housing bodies and letting agents to develop Lets with Pets, a UK-wide campaign encouraging landlords to accept pet-owning tenants and help owners find the elusive pet-accepting landlord.’