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Carmarthenshire threat to dog walkers

KC Dog, the Kennel Club responsible dog owners’ group, is alerting residents in Carmarthenshire to the council’s consultation on dog control orders, which ends on 31st July. The council announced its proposals saying: ‘If you are tired of number twos on your shoes, Carmarthenshire County Council wants to hear from you.’

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club spokesperson, responded “Consultations should not be aimed at one group of people at the expense of another, and the way the council phrased their press release implies all dog walkers are irresponsible and do not clean up after their dogs. They also implied that the only order under consideration was the fouling control order, which is not the case. If the problem is with dog fouling then the proportionate response, and the response intended by DEFRA when the Clean Neighbourhoods Act was passed, is that a dog fouling order should be introduced. We urge all dog owners to respond to this consultation and make their voices heard.”
The orders under consideration are:

1. Requiring dog owners to clean up after their dogs.

2. Requiring dog owners to keep their dogs on leads at all times.

3. Requiring dog owners to keep their dogs on leads if ordered to do so by a police officer or an officer authorised by the council.

4. Banning dogs from certain areas.

5. Limiting the number of dogs that a person can walk.

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