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UK’s top boys gain new support!

OUR DOGS is delighted to announce a new partnership with Viyo Elite, who will be taking over sponsorship of the popular Top Sire competition, which seeks to find the top stud dogs in the country.

ViyoViyo Elite has already set the world of dogs in Europe alight, with a brand new product which aims to help top breeders do exactly that - breed top winning dogs.

Our Dogs’ Managing Director Vince Hogan welcomed the new supporter by saying, “This philosophy fits perfectly with the Top Sire Competition which has recognised top breeders for a number of years. We look forward to working closely with the Viyo Elite team who have been very proactive in the European market in Belgium and Holland. We are delighted to be the paper of choice in the UK for this exciting new product.”

For Viyo Elite, Wim Van Kerkhoven saiD: “Viyo Elite helps breeders raising top dogs. Bringing dogs, regardless of breed, age or breed size to top condition is our goal. Viyo Elite understands and respects the breeders worldwide. Therefore, Viyo Elite wants to reward dogs and breeders that are successful at shows. This in recognition of the breeders’ hard work. All animals that regularly participate in shows are eligible. We automatically keep track of all top performances and at the end of the year we reward the Top Dogs with the Viyo Top Sire Award.”

The pre-biotic drink contains vital vitamins and minerals which help to optimise a dog’s drinking reflexes, whilst building optimal condition, with noticeable changes in coat, stress levels, stools, muscle mass and healthy joints. It can be used undiluted or diluted, as a drink or on food. It is exceptionally palatable and the product already has many testimonials from top breeders and exhibitors in Europe and now the UK.

The Our Dogs/Viyo Elite Top Sire competition is always hotly contested, and is based on winning progeny from sires in each breeds.

The winners are usually announced in January with prizes being awarded to winners in every breed at Crufts. Watch this space for further announcements not only on the competition but also from Viyo Elite themselves.

Updates will also appear on the OUR DOGS website and also on

The product can be seen for the first time in the UK at Leeds Championship Show at Harewood House on this weekend, where the UK representatives Christina and Leon Bailey will be happy to meet breeders and explain the benefits of Viyo Elite. There is an exclusive interview with Christina, herself a top breeder and exhibitor, inside this week’s issue.