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Missing Clifford found!

You may remeber, in the 16th May issue of Our Dogs, we sent out a missing notice for the Australian Cattle Dog, Clifford.

Clifford went missing from his home in Somerset on the 24th March but after five weeks he has been found and has now been returned to his owner.

The five year old dog was reunited after an ad was placed in the Cheddar Gazette for the rehoming and assesment of an Australian Cattle Dog and the Dog Lost website was alerted.

He had been tied up and left at an animal shelter 3 weeks ago and although it was clearly Clifford, his owner was told that their chip scanner wasn’t working and so ownership could not be proven. After a local warden was sent to the shelter to scan Clifford, it was shown to be the correct dog and he was allowed to be returned home.

Although Clifford is very quite after his ordeal and has lost some weight and coat, he is doing fine and glad to be back home.