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Dog patrols tackled drugs

POLICE SNIFFER dogs will be used to help cut the usage of illegal drugs in pubs and clubs in Northamptonshire.

The dogs will be with patrols in Kettering and Northampton town centres as part of Tackling Drug Week.

If the dog picks up a scent of drugs it will make a signal, which gives their handler grounds to search the person.

The operation, which has been held before and welcomed by the licensed trade, is linked to tackling other crimes associated with drug misuse.

A police spokesman said: ‘We are working to stamp out drug misuse and tackle anti-social behaviour. ‘But more than that, drug use is linked to acquisitive crime and a significant number of drug users are committing crime to fuel their habit.

‘Cracking down on drugs is cracking down on the kind of crime that affects everyone in the community.’

Sniffer dogs have already been employed at nightclubs in County Down, Northern Ireland with some success.