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Meet the Quack Commandos
Collies, Terriers and Labradors on show at Royal Highland show

The Scottish Countryside Alliance (SCA) will once again be organising this year’s popular Countryside Area at the Royal Highland Show which takes place on Thursday 19th to Sunday 22nd June.

Quack CommandosThis year’s demonstrations will include Annette Usher of Harperrig Labradors and Joe Maclure of Silversnipe Labradors, who will give a demonstration of training and handling Labradors from puppy level to fully trained adults to work as competent retrievers in the shooting field. During their demonstrations it will be shown how the dogs will be steady to heel with the introduction of gunfire and simulating falling birds and retrieving gently to hand.

Also on show will be Terrier Racing by the Fife and Kinross Working Terrier Club, which was was formed in 1984 primarily as a rescue service for terriers trapped whilst doing the job they were bred for i.e. vermin control. They have since broadened the way the club is run to take in terrier shows, and the terrier racing which they believe shows the terriers as they really are happy little dogs. They take their display to a variety of events over the summer months ranging from small charity events to the bigger fairs and of course here to the Royal Highland Show, the country’s premier show.

You will also have the chnce to meet the Quack Commandos, Fergus and Gregor Wood and Kenny Dickson from the Scottish Sheepdog School at Ledard Farm, Kinlochard in The Trossachs. This hilarious show demonstrates the skill, speed and intelligence of the Border Collie, the most intelligent breed of dog in the World. You will see Border Collies in action with a flock of Indian Runner Ducks over a series of obstacles.

Display times and further details about the Countryside Area are available from the Scottish Countryside Alliance website atwww.scottishcountrysidealliance.orgor contact Megan Dee on 0131-335 0200 (