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Seven week old Rottweiler dumped in bin

ZEPTHEDEP ROTTWEILER Rescue (ZRR) recently took in a seven-week-old puppy that had been dumped in a recycling box. This was one of nine dogs taken in by the group in just two days recently, including another three puppies (thought to be just five-weeks-old) that had been abandoned in a cardboard box.

On average 12 to 15 ‘phone calls come in everyday, asking the group to take rottweilers in need of help and rehoming. It’s not just puppies looking for help from the group, older dogs also find their way to the caring volunteers.

A spokesman for the group told Our Dogs ‘last year we rehomed over 100 rottweilers and so far this year 36 have found new places to live.’

As well as caring for, and re homing the dogs the group also works hard to promote a positive image of the breed within the community. The rescue have the survival of this handsome breed at the heart of all its work. As the spokesman explained, "We do meet and greets where by we take some of our rescue rottweilers out with us to meet the public on fund raising events to help promote rottweilers and rescue "

ZRR are proud to be the only rottweiler rescue registered charity that has an official neutering/ spaying and micro-chipping policy. They are happy to work alongside other reputable rescues and if they are not able to provide a potential new dog to potential responsible owners they will point them in the direction of other groups who may be bale to help.

Recognising the responsibilities that come with animal rescue and ownership is another key point in the organisation’s philosophy. No dog is ever knowingly placed in a situation where it will be chained up, or used as a guard dog, or used in any way that could be detrimental to the breed.
All dogs, where possible, will be neutered/spayed [with a vets approval], micro chipped, wormed and vaccinated prior to re-homing and Any dog that cannot meet the neutering policy will be re-homed on a spaying/neutering contract, that must be strictly adhered to. The group also has a strict adoption policy to ensure dogs are only placed in the best and most appropriate home possible.

All rottweilers taken in by ZRR will be with the group for a minimum of 1 month for assessment and all dogs (age dependant) will spend time in kennels and in a foster home before adoption. Puppies (up to 18 weeks old) go straight to foster homes.

Adoptees will be expected to attend local training classes, for socialisation and training of the dogs within the first six weeks of adopting the dog.

* If you would like to know any more about ZRR please visit ZRR is a Registered Charity 1119487