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Dogs Trust urges more action in National Microchipping Month

Dogs Trust, announced that microchipping now accounts for a third of all lost dogs who are identified and successfully returned. The nation’s stray problem could be vastly improved if all owners took this simple precaution.

In a call-to-action at the start of National Microchipping Month (1 – 30 June), Dogs Trust is urging those who have not microchipped their dog to make it their number one priority.

Since the tiny electronic device overtook the ID disc in effectiveness five years ago, it now directly accounts for one in three (32%) of all lost dogs who are returned home, according to the most recent Dogs Trust Stray Dog Survey. This figure has soared from 1999, when the figure was a mere 7%, and the next survey, published in early September, is expected to report yet another sharp increase.

However this only represents a proportion of the lost dogs who were returned home, and does not reflect the overall number of strays in the UK, which actually increased according to the last survey.

Dogs Trust Chief Executive Clarissa Baldwin said, “Of the hundreds of stray dogs that come to our centres, it is heartbreaking to think that many once had loving homes. More and more dog owners are aware that microchipping is the most effective and proactive means of ensuring a lost dog will be returned.

"If you haven’t had your pet microchipped, make this the month to do it. Dogs go missing all the time, for all sorts of reasons, and microchipping is by far the best precaution you can take to ensure your furry friend doesn’t end up on the streets, or even being put to sleep.”

The procedure causes no more discomfort than a standard vaccination, and owners can expect to pay £20 to £30 at a veterinary surgery, or £10 at Dogs Trust Rehoming Centres located across the UK. To find out where your nearest Centre is located, call us on 020 7837 0006 or visit our website: