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Money for boy attacked by dog

A CHILD who was mauled by a dog has been awarded £800 in compensation.

Six-year-old Jamie Picken, from Winson Green, Birmingham was attacked by a dog said to be a Pit Bull Terrier while playing in a street in the area last October and was bitten on his face, arms and legs.

One teenager was later given a year's probation at Birmingham's youth court. Another was handed a 12-month supervision order and a 10-year ban from keeping dogs. The pair were told to pay £400 in compensation to the boy.

The boy's father, Carl Picken, said he had taken time off work to look after his son and the whole family had been affected.

‘We have had to go through Jamie's torment, he wakes up some mornings saying 'get the dog off me' and things like that,’ he said.