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Obituary - Mrs. Doreen Drury

It is with great sadness I report the death of Mrs Doreen Drury of the famed Dandie Dinmont affix “Culston.”

Included is an interesting reading concerning Doreen’s life with dogs, she would have been 91 years this coming November.

One may ask how we became acquainted, and odd though it may seem it was at the raffle ticket seller for the North Lincs Dog Club’s quarterly Show held at the Drill Hall, Barton - on - Humber in the late 50’s. Both Doreen and husband Harry were Bartonians and at that stage regularly entered their Cairn Terrier at these local events, although living in Scunthorpe where Harry worked.

We, thats is, the Clayton’s who owned the Barvae Kennels at Barrow - on - Humber, bred Dandie Dinmont Terriers at that time, and Harry and Doreen were most interested in obtaining one of our puppies, wishing to establish their own bloodlines (pedigree) in this breed. Their foundation bitch was named Barvae Mustard and was born on 2nd October 1961, then at a later date Harry bred his first litter of Dandies which were born on 11th August 1964. From here they produced Culston Ambassador (known as Sam to his friends) who later became a strong driving force in the breed.

Because of Harry’s business commitments Doreen was the one to campaign Ambassador in the Showring through to gain his title of Champion. At that time home transport was very limited, but Doreen had made some very good friends in the local doggy world who frequently offered a seat in their car to shows - travelling some very long distances up and down the country, especially to attend that most important Championship event.

I feel very honoured to have had the privilege of watching Doreen undertake that very important achievement of judging Dandies at the famous Crufts Dog Show in 1992 held at the N.E.C. Birmingham.

Harry was the Secretary of Scunthorpe Canine Association and Doreen playes a very supporting role as Treasurer and catering Officer. For the Club’s weekly training classes and monthly match meetings mainly held at the Hobby Centre, Doreen could be found mashing up cups of tea and providing coffee and biscuits at her own expense, which helped tremendously to swell the funds of the Club on the annual balance sheet, later she became the Club’s President.

Doreen had officiated as Patron of the North Lincs Dog Club, in fact she has been a member for over 45 years and held, I am sure, very fond memories of her days as an exhibitor in her home town.

A terrific hard working person, with a very large heart, and a friendly personality, Doreen, along with Harry, dedicated their hobby to the well being of the Canine field. Doreen was always on hand and ready with sound advice and guidance to any newcomer wishing to promote their first pedigree dog.

Our sympathies go to son’s Colin and John and their families on their sad loss.

For details of the funeral arrangements please ring Colin on 01652 658172 (7pm - 9pm)

Patricia Clayton