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Four prosecuted on‘fouling’ charges

Four people have been prosecuted in an undercover operation to catch pet owners who fail to clean up dog mess.

Wyre Council in Lancashire uses plain-clothes council staff and police community support officers to catch owners who leave allow the.

The council has issued 11 fixed penalty notices and prosecuted four people since starting the operation a few months ago.

The council said its methods were supportedby the public.

One of the dog owners prosecuted was a man found guilty on five counts of not cleaning up after his dogs who recently lost an appeal against his conviction.

Michael Pyke, neighbourhood services' enforcement officer, said: "Dog fouling is a big concern in Wyre and is high on the agenda at many neighbourhood meetings.

"Because it doesn't tend to happen when uniformed officers are around, we need to be in plain clothes to catch offenders. "Our efforts are well supported by the public, a number of whom have come forward to give evidence against irresponsible dog owners."