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Obituary - Pat Jones (Cartmel)

Pat very sadly passed away on the evening of Thursday, June 5th.

Pat JonesPat was a great character with a deep and abiding love of the breed. She acquired her first two, Devil & Dana de Alvalade at Appleacre when Paddy Holbrook-O'Hara decided she could not give sufficient time to them. From these two she developed a line which was appreciated throughout the world.

A woman of strong opinions, she did not suffer fools gladly, but was always willing to give help and advice to those she deemed 'sensible'. She played a major role in getting the breed established in Britain, becoming a founder member and long time Chairman of the Club.

Despite being in poor health for many years, she attended almost every show with her team of dogs, and was immensly proud when she made up the first two British Champions Cartmel Sea Goblet and C. Fantasy last year.

On a personal note, I had my first PWD (a nine-month old girl) from her over 18 years ago, with the warning ringing in my ears that I would need a kennel with a roof on to keep her dry. This I soon found out to be incorrect - Kiri was an escape artist par-excellence who was seen climbing up a rose trellis (with roses in full bloom) onto the garage roof & jump into the garden. Over the years I spent many hours at her home chatting about the breed. I also have memories of my partner Ray being roped into doing emergency repairs to the kennel roof in driving rain and gales, or repairing the plumbing - visits came with a price.She will be sadly missed by all who knew her.

Sue Tweedie