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Pekingese predicts earthquake

Eight policemen have had their lives saved by a Pekingese dog seconds before the Sichuan earthquake hit Beichuan County.

The dog appeared to have a sixth sense about the impending earthquake and in acting on this managed to warn the policemen just in time for them to get to safety.

The intuitive canine ran inside the room where the policemen were holding a meeting on the fourth floor of a building and began to bark and attempt to drag them out of the room by biting and nipping at their trousers.

Alerted to the strange behaviour of the dog as the building began to shake, the men took cover in the bathroom just moments before the earthquake hit and the walls came toppling down around them.

The eight men were lucky to be alive and eventually managed to pull themselves out of the rubble. One has said that there was no doubt they would have been killed if they had stayed there a second longer.

The policmen have shown immense gratitude towards the Pekingese and have made a new best friend!